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Comprehensive Land Use Plan


The Village of Bosque Farms Comprehensive Land Use Plan provides planning strategies and polices to guide future development.  An established planning process helps to prevent changes in the development and operation of the Village that are not consistent with the intent and wishes of the Citizens. 

The Master Plan Steering Committee to update and revise the Plan began the process in August 2005.  The members were:  Chairman Ginger Eldridge, Eric Aragon, Sharon Eastman, Rick Eisen, Gloria Farnholtz, Dan Garrison, Lillie Mc Nabb, Jan Quigley, Lee Wharton and Donna Baker, Planning & Zoning Officer.  The Middle Rio Grande Council of Governments (MRCOG), Joe Quintana and Randall Falkner have assisted in guiding the Steering Committee through the process.

To begin the process, the Steering Committee conducted a survey by mailing out 1,563 surveys to all the listed addresses in the Village.  The purpose of the survey was to identify the most important issues, values and expectations of the Village's residents concerning future development in their community.  The survey measures were a part of an extensive public involvement process crucial in developing and implementing the Master Plan that can be supported by the residents and the Governing Body.  There were 339 completed surveys returned to the Village office (a response rate of 21.7%).

The next step was to consider Goals and Objectives for the Master Plan.  The Governing Body approved the the Steering Committee's proposed Goals and Objectives (Resolution No. 612-05).  The Goals and Objectives for Future Development contained four categories:  Land Use Form and Development, Transportation and Circulation, Public Services and Facilities and Economic Development.  Each category contains goals along with objectives on how to achieve that goal.

The Steering Committee then moved on to the Recommendations portion of the Master Plan.  The Action Plan Recommendations also included the above-mentioned four categories.  The Governing Body approved the Steering Committee's recommendations (Resolution No. 617-06).

Public meeting to discuss the Plan were held by the Governing Body and a formal hearing was held by the Planning and Zoning to officially adopt the Plan (Resolution No. 638-06). The MR-COG prepare the final version for publication and provide copies to the Village

Click here for a copy of the final published version (Large file - 3.4 MB).