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Village Development Review Process


Village Ordinance 10-1 Section 18 requires a development review before any building, structure, or ribbed metal fence may be erected or substantially improved upon any lot within the Village.

Like most communities, the Village and NM Construction Industries Division of the Regulation and Licensing Department (NMCID) use standards and requirements in the 2009 International Building Code (IBC) to guide development.

All buildings that change in character or use shall obtain a Development Review Permit as well as a Building Permit from NMCID inspectors. 

Development Review Permit applications and building plans shall be submitted to the Planning & Zoning Administrator/Officer for review and signature before applying for a Building Permit with the NMCID. The plans are reviewed by the Planning & Zoning Administrator/Officer to ensure compliance with zoning and development ordinances and refulations. Upon approval of the plans, the Planning and Zoning Administrator/Officer will issue a development permit. The owner or developer is then responsible for obtaining a building permit from NMCID. NMCID building inspectors perform the detailed review and inspections for building and development code compliance.

Village Ordinances 10-1, Comprehensive Zoning Ordinance,  and 10-2, Subdivision Regulations, provide guidance and regulations on building and property development. One key restriction in 10-1, Section 5 is the required setback from the property boundary for any structure or building.

10-1-5.D. Building and Structure Setbacks: All buildings and structures shall be placed on a lot in accordance with the following setback requirements:

There shall be a front setback of thirty (30) feet on all lots;

2. There shall be a side setback of ten (10) feet on all lots; and

3. There shall be a rear setback of ten (10) feet on all lots.

All lots shall require no less than 60% (sixty percent) of impervious open space.